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Hi Станислав,

Thanks for contacting the Google Play team.
Status:(com.ratnikoff.sm.correct23ligth) not available on Google Play, pending your action
I’m happy to report that we have conditionally accepted your appeal. I’ve included details below about what additional steps you’ll need to take to get your app back on Google Play.
Step 1: Update your app
During review, we found that your app violates the Deceptive Behavior policy:
  • We don’t allow apps that attempt to deceive users. Apps must provide accurate disclosure of their functionality and should perform as reasonably expected by the user.
You can read through the Deceptive Behavior policy page for more details and examples of common violations.
For example, your app currently does not have a title when installed on a device.
Please update your app to fix this issue. You may also want to double check that your app complies with all other Developer Program Policies, as additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.
Step 2: Submit your updated app or APK
To submit an update to your app’s metadata:
  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select the app with the policy violation.
  3. Select Store presence Store listing.
  4. Make changes to bring your app into compliance.
  5. Click Submit update or Resubmit app.
To submit an updated APK:
  1. Review the checklist to prepare your APK.
  2. Sign in to your Play Console.
  3. Select the app with the policy violation.
  4. On the left menu, select Release management App releases.
  5. Next to the release type you want to create, select Manage.
  6. To create a new release, select Create release.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to add APKs. For additional information, please visit the Play Console Help Center.
If addressing the issue does not require a metadata or APK update and the submit button is grayed out, you can make a minor change to your store listing to activate the button. For example, add a space after your app title and then delete it. Once the button turns blue, you can submit your update.
If you're an AdMob publisher, please contact the AdMob team to re-enable ad serving.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your continued support of Google Play.
Best Regards,
The Google Play Team

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